UK General Election 2024 briefing

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The UK General Election 2024 will take place on 4 July.

Download your expert briefing for campaigners, charities and public affairs teams now.

With cost of living and quality of life at the forefront of voters’ minds, this election will be an economic election, and a number of key issues have fallen down the political agenda. Climate has moved from the third most important issue at the last General Election (2019) to the sixth most important issue today, according to YouGov.

With a snap UK General Election happening in just 6 six weeks, it has never been more important for campaigners, charities and public affairs teams to build influence, frame their arguments in a way that gets cut-through, and lobby for real change.

And with at least 20% of the House of Commons set to change, regardless of the outcome of the UK General Election, 1 in 5 political relationships in the House are now highly likely to be redundant.

Stakeholder relations and influence building have never been more crucial.

The announcement of a UK General Election changes the public affairs landscape overnight – as parliament rushes to “wash up” and we then enter the pre-election period where campaigning laws apply.

Your approach to campaigning and public affairs now needs to change too.

As public affairs and campaigning specialists, 181st Street has prepared a UK General Election 2024 Briefing – for charities, campaigners and public affairs teams.

This briefing will cover:

  • Exactly what happens in the run up to the election, and what it means for your campaigns
  • How the boundaries are changing, which MPs are stepping down, and where you need to focus your stakeholder relations in the next 6 weeks
  • The Electoral Commission rules you need to follow to keep your campaigns legal and compliant
  • What voters think about key issues and where the public’s priorities lie
  • What we know about the policies from each party so far
  • What your communications and public affairs teams need to do next