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Risk analysis & mitigation

When you prepare for, mitigate and manage reputation risk, you can be bolder in your communications, and proactively pursue new opportunities with confidence.

We can assess the threats to your reputation and where your vulnerabilities lie, so that you can take a stand for important causes and protect your brand online and offline.

Our purpose is to prevent foreseeable harm before it happens, and be ahead of the game if a crisis does hit.

We offer bespoke risk analysis and mitigation planning, to identify the root causes of political, digital, investor, media and ESG risks within your business and the markets where you operate. 

This highly confidential service provides you with the due diligence you need to inform strategic decisions and grow with confidence.

Our risk assurance retainer gives you the peace of mind that you’ll have expert crisis support on hand round the clock during times of reputational difficulties or crisis events, without facing significant financial costs.

Media training and personal brand management

Successful leaders leverage the media to build their profiles, enhance their reputations and advance their agenda. Whether you want to build your profile from scratch or respond strategically to existing press interest, we can help refine your message and get you media ready.

We provide media training and personal brand-building support to turn key leaders into spokespeople, maximise external media opportunities and build internal advocacy to engage staff and stakeholders. Positioning brands at the forefront of ESG leadership by creating credible thought leaders.

Our immersive media training teaches you how to communicate messages that your key audiences respond to, take greater control of how your organisation is represented, and leverage the media to build your personal brand.

Crisis PR & critical communications

When faced with a crisis, your organisation must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to protect your operations, reputation, stakeholders and bottom line.

Your different stakeholder audiences will require different communications strategies as you navigate a crisis and its aftermath, and your leadership team will require expert advice to avoid missteps that make the crisis worse.

Our experienced team have the processes, connections and expertise to handle any issue that may arise and keep you steps ahead. Our crisis experts are quick-to-act, strategic, discreet and dependable. 

We can deliver integrated communications solutions at every point of the crisis management journey and guide you through the full crisis lifecycle with 24/7 crisis management support.

To speak to our expert crisis team, please call 0330 133 5484.