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When they think about you, how do you want people to feel?

Your brand is more than just a logo. Effective branding creates an experience. It gives people the confidence to invest in you. It makes people proud to work for you. And it’s the reason people buy from you.

In the digital era, where attention spans are short and experience is everything, your brand can make your business. But consumers have never been so connected and informed, and without proper brand stewardship, it can break your business just as fast.

Brand positioning

Building a successful brand starts with knowing exactly who your audiences are.

When you know how they think and what makes them tick, you can craft meaningful messages and design stand out experiences that delight your audiences, exceed their expectations, garner their attention and win their loyalty.

Too many marketeers focus all of their brand efforts on customers. While a sales mindset is important, when it comes to your brand you can’t afford to neglect your employees, investors and other stakeholders too.

With industry-leading demographic expertise, we can build micro-targeted audience personas and embed these in your brand strategy so that you can create personalised experiences for everyone that’s important to you.

Brand design

Customers used to look at one or two options when making a purchase. Now they have immediate access to hundreds of competitors, and will consider at least 10-20 websites, review sites, and social media profiles before they make a decision.

Crafting memorable brand interactions has never been so important.

Whether your visual branding needs a refresh, you’re starting from scratch, or you need help building your brand from the ground up, our expert team is here to help.

We have creatives who can tap into design theory and colour psychology to create a visually stunning identity, writers to give you a tone of voice that speaks your audiences’ language, ESG experts who can embed your values, experiential designers who can plan a seamless user experience across your channels, and strategists who can tie it all together to achieve your goals.

Brand stewardship

Are you proactively assessing your risks and protecting your reputation?

Twitter storms, ESG scandals and even CEO missteps can all blow out of proportion and have a serious impact on your bottom line. Once your brand is damaged, it can be time consuming and costly to get things back on track.

Which is why brand stewardship is so important. As crisis PR experts, we can assess your risks, spot opportunities to strengthen your reputation, and be in your corner if things do go wrong, giving you the assurance that you have the resources to handle even the most unforeseen crisis.

We pride ourselves on empowering the brands we work with to be braver. Taking a stand for the causes your audience cares most about, and making a tangible positive impact because you have the peace of mind that your risks are managed and your reputation is protected.


Brand leadership

You want to be exceptional. The market leader with the best expertise and most significant impact. Your brand is the tool that will get you there.

We’ve worked with CEOs, board members, heads of charities, politicians, activists and campaigners to help them build influence through the power of personal branding. 

Our unique blend of demographic targeting, media training, campaign design and delivery can help you craft action-focused messaging, gain cut through, garner press attention and leverage thought leadership to inspire action.


Employer Branding

In today’s competitive climate, your reputation matters more than ever. To attract, retain and motivate the top talent, you need an employer brand that people feel proud to be associated with.

When it comes to crafting your brand, your employees deserve the same investment as your other audiences. Get it right, and they will be your biggest champions.

From your recruitment strategy, to internal communications and even weathering times of change, crisis and risk, we can help you leverage the power of employer branding to increase retention, loyalty and engagement whenever you communicate with your staff.