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From your customers to your employees, investors and suppliers to stakeholders, your brand has multiple audiences invested in its success. All with their own priorities and communication preferences. Strategic targeting can help you tailor your message, speak to their priorities when they’re most receptive, and achieve a high-converting competitive edge.

Understand your Audience

Audience profiling isn’t just for ads. When you make strategic decisions about your business, brand and products based on how your audiences think, behave and buy, you can drive behaviour change, increase conversion and improve ROI across all your communications.

Precise audience profiling at a granular level can build you a detailed portrait of who is most likely to buy from you, exactly what they’re looking for, where they’re looking and how they like to be spoken to, so you can reach them when they’re most receptive.

We can help you create an unbeatable brand strategy based on unrivalled levels of audience intelligence.
How we do it

All of these research methods and tools underpin our ‘audience first’ approach. We never design a strategy, campaign or piece of communications until we know exactly who it’s for, what it’s trying to achieve, and how the intended audience is most likely to respond. 

This means we can design and deliver experiences that truly satisfy your audiences’ needs, overcome barriers to conversion that would otherwise be overlooked, and deliver significant commercial gains.

Insights backed by science

Our Managing Partner Dr Lumsden-Groom has a Masters Degree in socio-political economics and a DSocSi in socioeconomics & rhetoric, and is an expert in demographic targeting and behavioural science. 

Thanks to his expertise, we take an evidence-based approach to audience demographics, targeting and behaviour, at a level of detail that most other agencies simply haven’t got the experience or capacity to achieve. 

At 181st Street, audience intelligence is backed up by rigorous data, so we can help you make informed decisions that get to the hearts and minds of your potential customers and increase your conversion. 

Audience insights