Increase your income with your impact report

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As a mission-driven business, your impact report is a key milestone in your annual calendar.

  • a significant task for your comms and impact teams
  • a moment of reflection and celebration
  • and an opportunity to engage your stakeholders and increase brand loyalty

Consumers are more clued-up than ever, reporting standards are getting higher, and regulators are getting stricter on how you can talk about your impact (even when you have the evidence to back your claims).

With all the effort that goes into measuring and reporting your impact, you want to leverage the results in your comms as much as possible.

But talking too heavily about your values, sustainability and ethical credentials can trigger the attitude/behaviour gap and turn potential customers off.

At 181st Street, we’re behavioural communications experts, with over a decade working in sustainability and impact business.

We specialise in helping brave brands close the gap, make impact business the norm and increase their income so they can do even more good – all while keeping up with the ever-changing world of regulation.

In this free masterclass, we’ll show you how you can use your 2024 impact report to:

  • Engage a wide range of stakeholders with your impact journey
  • Communicate your impact in a way that closes the attitude/behaviour gap and increases sales
  • Stay compliant with the Green Claims Code
  • Bring your impact report to life to fill your comms calendar and convert your followers into raving fans, without creating tonnes more work

…So that impact reporting becomes a revenue-positive process and you can drive even more positive impact in 2024 and beyond!

We’ve worked with a wide range of impact businesses across sectors, including Ecologi, Social Enterprise UK, Toast Brewing, and the Amazon Sustainability Startup Accelerator.

We’ve done impact reporting and communications for some of the UK’s biggest brands, and we’ve helped impact-focused businesses increase their sales significantly, with results such as:

  • A 92% increase in retention for a vegan beauty subscription box
  • A 75% increase in sales for an FMCG ethical beauty brand
  • A 67% increase in revenue for a sustainability-focused food and beverage brand

In this online masterclass, we’ll share practical tips and behavioural science insights to turn your reporting process into a communications tool that increases your income and impact.

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